Kashmir Tours – Experience Angelic Beauty on a Shikara

Kashmir tours are the name that evokes scenery draped with nature’s finest of treasures to create a world of serenity and serendipity. The state of Jammu and Kashmir situated at the top of the nation crowns bonus new member 100 the country with incredible natural splendor and bliss and is where the mighty Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan stood mesmerized calling it the “only paradise on Earth”. Hemmed in between north-western Himalayan ranges Kashmir is laurelled with many sobriquets such as “Alps of East”, “Shangri-la of East” and has been the source of inspiration for creative people for years. Laden with romance and enticing serenity your tours to Kashmir will take you to the state of ecstasy with the very first glimpse of the surrounding forested region, snow-capped mountains, sparkling freshwater lakes and verdant valleys.

Amid such quaint panorama Kashmir unveils its seemingly surreal natural exuberance. While on Kashmir tours the experiences one should not miss are:

Unlimited Adventure: The north Indian state of Jammu Kashmir is studded with mighty peaks, verdant valleys, emerald meadows which are ideal base for slot nexus engine unlimited adventure sports. Adventure seeking travelers can visit the region to take up anything from mild to most challenging treks and other wild adventure sports such as river rafting, skiing, canoeing, jeep safari, angling and more. Cheap Kashmir tour packages

Shikara Ride: Once considered a highly romantic experience a ride on traditional houseboat, Shikara still appears as charming as ever. Rowing these Shikaras on placid waters of Dal Lakes was once every honeymooner’s dream and even today couples find the experience the best way to celebrate or rekindle their love life. The beauteous valley that forms backdrop or the passing by boats selling exotic flowers and luscious fruits the entire scenery is incredibly beautiful and tranquilizing.

Nature Walk: All Kashmir tours must include subtle and soothing nature walks for these gives an opportunity to explore the gaiety of Nature and lets you absorb the beauty of the region which soothes your soul in the present, but will also revitalize you in the future with the very thought of it. The world renowned Shalimar and Nishat Gardens in the state are Mughal style gardens spread on each sides of Dal Lake are ideal for such tranquilizing nature walks. The architectural details of these gardens are elaborate with verdant foliage and beauteous fountains.

Spiritual Tours: Kashmir is also a renowned center of spirituality for it houses several of holy shrines of Hindu faith. An abode to numerous renowned holy shrines, the state is also known as the seat of gods. Amongst the most famous ones there is Amarnath Caves which are considered to be 5000 years old and houses an ice Lingam embodying Lord Shiva. Other holy shrines include Vaishno Devi Temple and Mount Kailash.

An incredible locale where divinity appears visible, proceeding on Kashmir tours feels like being in God’s grace. A visit to the state is not only soothing but, will turn out to be the most gratifying touring experience ever; visit it to actually know how.


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