Stop Dogs From Eating Poop – But First You Need to Know Why They Do

If your dog eats poop, it certainly hasĀ Coprophagia, a poop-eating condition in dogs that needs to be corrected. Even naive pet owners can tell that this is not normal. You need to dig deeper why it eats poop because there is an underlying condition that triggers this behavior.

Why Dogs Eat Poop

Experts have discovered a lot of causes of poop-eating in dogs, the most common of them being hunger. It may also eat poop to as a way to clean up the place where it lays, such as a cage.

The presence of parasites in the dog’s body can trigger it to eat its own poop in its desire for nutrients to sustain its physical needs. Parasites inside your its body will suck the nutrients from the food that your dog eats causing it to starve. You might wonder why your it looks hungry and malnourished despite your regular feeding. The parasites are actually the ones getting the best of what your dog eats. This will induce your it to eat its own poop.

Anxiety is another factor that contributes to poop-eating in dogs. Others do it to imitate you as you pick the poop to clean its place. Some others learn to eat poop from other dogs.

Poop eating behavior is sickening and you need to eliminate that behavior at once. It is actually easy to remove if you know the cause[s]. Poop Donations

How to Adjust the Behavior

If you see your dog eating poop, you should check immediately if it has any health issues, especially if it’s the first time you see it behave like it does. Persistent poop eaters need to be checked by a vet immediately to determine parasite infestation.

If its behavior persists despite being declared healthy by a vet, it certainly has another problem. You need to observe that dog closely in order to understand what triggered its behavior.

Cleanliness your place is always the best way to deter your pet from eating poop. You should consult your vet if your it still eats poop even if its surroundings is clean.

Adjusting the Behavior

Poop-eating can also be eliminated by applying deterrent elements on their poop such as cayenne pepper or bitter apple. Giving your dog a daily treat of pumpkin puree can also help. You can also apply the water bottle technique to stop it from this behavior. Every time your it attempts to eat poop, spray it with water and give out an abrupt “NO!” order. This helps.


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